Mechanical Design and Manufacturing Solutions


We at BV Tronix Ltd. Specialize in managing engineering projects and providing technological solutions for R&D, product requirements specification, prototype production design validation and transportation to production in a variety of technologies.

Our role and goal - providing unique solutions from the concept stage, product development, project management, to the final stages of production and supply in full alignment with the customer's satisfaction.

Our company develop, design, manufacture and supply products and systems for a wide range of customers in Israel and abroad in the fields of hi-tech, biotechnology, defense industries and medical devices industries.

Work Processes

Projects Management

Project Management

We at BV Tronix Ltd. specialize in managing engineering projects and providing technological solutions for R&D, product requirements specification, prototype production, quality assurance and transportation to production in a variety of...



The ability to manage the entire process or to integrate in part according to the customer's needs, from the provision of a specific engineering solution to the entire development process. Project management is carried out according to the responsibilities and schedule required by BV Tronix’s customers. The customer receives real time updates regarding the progress of their specific work commitment with BVTronix Ltd. We combine high managerial ability and professional engineering work alongside procurement and logistics processes, thus enabling the customer to enjoy an overall level of overall managerial responsibility.

Design and development

Design and Development

Development of products from concept to reality for commercial trade. Outsourcing product development - this is the most appropriate way, very efficient in terms of time organization and high professionalism for the management of development processes.


Start-up companies choose to take advantage of our extensive pertaining to the development and development processes of new product when the need arises for unique specialization in various fields.  The leading engineer conducts planning discussions on an enlarged team to focus the planning process by thinking "out of the box".

Product Engineering

Product Engineering

Engineering all components of the product in terms of different disciplines: mechanics, control, plastics and more. The planning process includes PDR, DR, and CDR meetings as needed, considering the product and engineering complexity.


Production accompaniment in various technologies

Throughout the development process, critical points are determined where trials should be performed to prove the feasibility or function tests of the product. At these points, we assemble models, prototypes and produce a series of products for experiments that demonstrate the quality of planning and the ability to advance to…


the production stage. Upon completion of the transition from development to production we accompany the production at the factory where the product is manufactured, we have the means of production and assembly in our workshop, including chip processing and engraving machines. We have a variety of sub-contractors in the field of electronic packaging, sheet processing (laser, punching), three-dimensional printing, plastic parts production, electro-mechanical control and planning.

Procurement And Logistics

Procurement and Logistics

BV Tronix Ltd. specializes in the management of procurement and logistics business processes, for example selecting the appropriate supplier, evaluating suppliers, and purchasing components for new product development. We carry out an operational procurement process, issuing a demand and specification suitable for the supplier.


Proper design of the procurement process has a significant impact on its results, the resources invested in the process and its efficiency are the success in product development and achievement of goals and objectives in the project in general.

iso 9001:2015

Quality Management

To ensure that every step we take is a step forward, we based our Quality Management System (QMS) on stringent International Organization for Standardization (ISO) guidelines. Blending our deep manufacturing knowledge and experience with independent experts from around the globe ensures the strongest foundation for the future, for our clients and ourselves.

Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015

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