BV Tronix Ltd. provides design and development services for machinery and mechanical products. These services are offered to private entrepreneurs and companies in various industries for the purpose of developing a new products and for the purpose of upgrading existing technology (production line machines, developments in various fields such as medicine, industry, etc.).

The company's founder, Boris Gorodnitsky holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering, specializing in Mechanical Engineering, Certified Quality Engineer (CQE), with 20 years of experience in project management and operation of companies in various industrial fields.

We, at BV Tronix Ltd., have a considerable practical experience in successful management of projects, development, engineering and manufacturing. Our projects are usually characterized by a time-bound effort to create a unique service or product.

BV Tronix Ltd. has all necessary resources for the implementation of all processes such as development and engineering, production and assembly, procurement and logistics, quality management, etc.

We have external resources such as subcontractors, consultants and experts in a wide range of fields.

We provide professional accompaniment to our customers at all stages of cooperation and commit ourselves to a fast and flexible process, without compromising the quality of the finished product.

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